The Health Ministry announces the establishment of a hospital in Sinjar.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health confirmed the laying of the outline of establishment a 100-bed hospital in Sinjar-Nineveh Governorate, in coordination with Nadia Initiative and the French government

Whereas, The Health and Environment Minister commissioned the Director General of the Projects and Engineering Services Department, Dr. Hussam Alwan Karim

Mr. Alwan, in turn, commissioned a number of the department’s engineers to form special committees and participate with the French side and Nadia’s initiative in laying out the guidelines for the establishment of a hospital (100 beds) in Sinjar through the intensification of joint meetings and efforts.

Mr. Karim stressed that the department’s engineers are following all the procedures that would accelerate the start of the establishment of this hospital for the people of Sinjar, because this region needs special care and comprehensive health services due to ISIS terrorist destruction of most of the infrastructure in Sinjar.

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