The Yazidis forming a team of lawyers to follow up on Khaled’s case.

Follow-up: Yazidi News

Yesterday, Friday, 2/22/2020, an elite group of Yazidi lawyers and jurists met in Lalish Temple in the presence Khalrs’s father (Shamo Sarhan) and the lawyer assigned to the case (Hassan Hajji Mirza) to defend (Khaled) legally and Supporting the truth to achieve justice in this case.

After a lot of discussion about the case details and how to achieve justice in legal ways then by the consent of Khaled’s father and his lawyer, a team of lawyers and jurists was formed to follow up the case legally in the courts which were including:

1- Kheder Qolo (lawyer)
2- Dawod Suleiman (lawyer)
3- Dakhel Rasho (lawyer)
4- Dilkhaz Haji (lawyer)
5- Sarab Alyas (lawyer)
6- Soud Khalaf (lawyer)
7- Salam Sivo (lawyer)
8- Salih Haji (lawyer)
9- Salih Naif (lawyer)
10- Obid Al-dawas (lawyer)
11- Haiman Faraj (lawyer)

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