The head of operation Command responds to parliament members of Nineveh Governorate
Today representative members of Nineveh Governorate in the Iraqi Parliament met with the Operational Commander Lieutenant General Abdul_Amir Yarallah to convey a message of firm rejection of moving ISIS families from Al_Hol camp in Syria to areas in Nineveh Governorate. They also also worked to inform all relevant actors about the situation.

Lieutenant General responded to their demand and promised to move those families to an equipped camp by undecleared sides to another Governorate.

Also, the Parliament Member Saib Kheder confirmed to Yazid News Media that they have put efforts to collect sigantures of Nineveh Governorate Parliament members to cancel this decision and keep a close eye on this serious issue. He also said that those who has attempted to build this camp in this area will be legally responsible of any security threats in Nineveh and their effect on social peace besides creating a fertile environment for sectarian strife in this multi-cultural city.

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