Growing wheat and barley crops for the 2019-2020 season;

Agriculture Department – Al-Qahtaniya district

Mr. Khiro Saedo Ali, Director of the Agricultural Department of Al-Qahtaniyah District, confirmed that the total amount of land area cultivated in the current season, after completing the registration procedures with the Agriculture depatment were about 83,153 Acres (dunums) of wheat and barley crops. He also said that there are other agricultural areas estimated at about ten thousand Acres (dunums) that were cultivated by farmers in the region outside the agricultural plan, personally by themselves without relying on the registration mechanism.

Then, Mr. Khiro explained that the total area of ​​the burned agricultural crops was estimated at 21,943 Acers (dunums) of wheat and barley.

Saedo added that before the burning of agricultural crops during the recent events, there was a significant and direct negative impact on agricultural production and livestock. After ISIS invaded the region in 2014, where nearly 500 artesian wells, greenhouses and a number of pivot and fixed agricultural sprinklers that were the peasants used for agricultural projects and also six  of the raising poultry projects were destroyed.

He also said, “We also asked the Nineveh Agricultural Directorate, local and governmental bodies, and organizations interested in this matter to compensate the affected farmers and peasants.”

We are asking all concerned to provide the necessary support to establish and start new agricultural and animal projects for those people and to compensate all those farmers and peasants.

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